Coming Out of the Fog…

Just as bears instinctively know to hibernate, so do some of our human emotions. What are you talking about, you may be asking? And where the heck have you been?

To be completely honest, I’ve been in a state of emotional hibernation for several months now. I’m just now beginning to “come out of the fog.” I hadn’t even realized I was there until just recently. I have subconsciously distanced myself from so much of my life over the past few months. I’ve even lost touch with those I used to talk to quite often.

I started analyzing this a few weeks ago and realized that it’s a pattern I repeat yearly. In fact, I can pinpoint its beginning down to the week.

All this to say…I haven’t forgotten about any of you amazing peeps! I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you. Thank you so much!

Now, to explain what I mean by emotional hibernation…

About six years ago, I experienced a life changing event. For me, you could even say it was traumatic. We all have our own definitions of what this would be, but this event impacted my life in so many capacities. It’s something that I always think I’ve been able to move forward from, but somehow creeps up on me each fall.

I go into an “emotional hibernation” from late fall until early spring. I believe this is my subconscious trying to protect itself from further emotional harm. Think Pavlov’s theory with the ringing of the bell. Certain patterns in the year start to repeat and before I even know it we (me and my subconscious) are running to the cave at full speed to hibernate/wait it out.

Do you ever feel this way about things that have happened in your life? It’s as if no matter how much positive forward movement you’ve made, some things unknowingly creep up on you?

I will give a quick disclaimer to my status. I’m not, nor have I been, in depressive state during my “emotional hibernation,” so please do not worry in that sense.

What’s been so great about this particular “emotional hibernation” is that I was actually able to articulate what was happening. In fact, after I put some pieces together, I was having a conversation with a business acquaintance and told them not to allow me to talk to them from November to March next year. I told them they could even hold up a sign that said, “I’m sorry, I cannot speak with you until March.” Obviously this was all in good humor, but the point being, I had felt as if I had been only negative throughout any of our conversations the past few months. If nothing else, I’m an optimist who can find the silver lining.

Except…I hadn’t been that person recently. I had been like a puzzle that came with no picture to help know what it was supposed to turn out to be. I was indecisive and unsure of what the next forward steps needed to be.

But the fog is lifting, the hibernation has come to an end. New memories have been made, and I know more will be to come. My hope is that one day there will be so many wonderful memories that they will override the painful ones. It’s not that I want to forget, it’s that I know it’s not all there is.

I couldn’t be more thankful for my wonderful family and friends. They are just amazing!

If you’re in an “emotional hibernation,” or have been lately, know you’re not alone. This adulting thing is a rough ride, but oh how beautiful the journey is.

Whether you want to have a long conversation, or just a quick hello, send someone a quick message today to let them know they’re on your mind. We sometimes forget how much these little things mean until we’re on the receiving end. Be somebody’s person today…it’ll be a smile for both of you.

And most of all, just know that you got this! We got this!

“Sometimes surrender means giving up from trying to understand, and becoming comfortable with not knowing.” -Eckhart Tolle

All my best,



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