My Secret Summer Weapon – How to Relieve a Sunburn – Recipe From A VERY Fair Skinned Girl

This is probably one of my favorite recipes ever! I use this so often in the summer.

In fact, just a few weeks ago at a family reunionĀ I ended up making 4 batches of this to give to different family members who had enjoyed a little too much sun.

I like simple things, and I like to use products that have the least number of chemicals possible. I have a fair complexion which seems to increase my skin’s sensitivity to not only the sun, but the ingredients in some of the most popular skin products on the market.

Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for the best sunscreens for my family, and also a sunburn relief for those times when we mess up and forget to apply, or reapply…because let’s be real, it happens. #AdventuresInMyQ2

If you have a great sunscreen you love, please leave me a comment below. I’m always interested in knowing what’s truly working for others. Thanks in advance šŸ™‚

After many trials with different common sunburn remedies from after sun products to aloe vera straight from the plant, I still hadn’t found anything that relieved the pain, relieved the redness, and prevented theĀ itching and peeling.

Through plenty of researching and experimenting with different oils, I found my now favorite recipe!

You cannot buy this finished product at the store, but the ingredients are readily accessible in most grocery stores. And if your storeĀ does not carry them, you can definitely find themĀ on

Drum roll, please…

Presenting…My Secret Summer Weapon!

1/4 cup Avocado Oil

20 drops of Lavender Oil

Small container

sunburn H

Mix the avocado oil and drops of lavender oil in a small container.

That’s it! So simple! Just apply as needed after getting a sunburn. The sooner the mixture is applied after getting burned, the more effective it will be.

**NOTE- This is NOT a sunscreen. It’s only intended as a sunburn relief remedy.

Why avocado oil?Ā Avocado oil isĀ a light oil that is very moisturizing for the skin.

Why lavender oil?Ā Lavender is consideredĀ the Swiss Army knife of the essential oil world. It’s great for so many things. It’s great for relieving and helping heal burns of any kind, so it’s perfect for this mix.

What kind of container? I prefer small glass containers like baby food jars or small Mason jars, but the little Gladware containers work great too if you’re in a pinch. The benefit of the glass jar is that your mixture will last longer, as glass does not absorb the lavender oil.

We use this a few times a day after getting a sunburn to relieve all the normal pains and itches of a good ‘ol fashioned sunburn. At night is a great time for application because the mixture is able to beĀ absorbed without being rubbed off.

I hope this works great for you!

Have a great day! …and don’t forget the sunscreen šŸ™‚ But if you do, know I got ya covered with the sunburn relief recipe.

You got this!

-Amber – Creating futures to be proud of.

P.S. I love experimenting with recipes of all kinds. What are some of your favorite things to make?



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