Calm down, party animal!

There are two kinds of people in the world…the ones who say, “Calm down, party animal!”

And the party animals themselves.

After an amazing day yesterday, we got to spend some wonderful time with friends celebrating the accomplishments of the day. Normally I wouldn’t consider myself even close to being in the “party animal” category, but yesterday had me thinking…

Why do we celebrate special occasions? What is so important about celebrating? What’s all the fuss really all about?

And then it hit me!

Celebration is an integral part of the bonding experience. When you have a group celebrating together, you’re typically celebrating the same event/occasion. And assuming this is a group and/or team celebration, you are most likely celebrating a shared goal or vision.

There’s something about sharing time with people who share your goals and/or visions. It’s powerful!

Celebration is something we tend to overlook as an important piece of the picture as a whole. It’s a time to share your accomplishments, but even more importantly…it’s a time to share in the accomplishments of others.

When someone compliments you, it makes you feel great, right? Even the smallest things can just completely make your day! Some of my favorite compliments I have ever received were just random things someone said not even consciously intending to compliment me.

After spending time with friends yesterday, it made me realize how truly important it is to celebrate together. This is the time when you are able to celebrate others, to be a reflection of happiness.

Today I am choosing to be grateful for celebrations. Creating a special time to share with those who mean so much to us.

If you’ve missed any of the other days of the Gratitude Challenge, you can catch up HERE.

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As I was driving away from our friends’ house, I was overcome with such joy after celebrating with an amazing group of friends who share a common vision. It was a day filled with anticipation, excitement, and celebration. A day filled with smiles, tears, laughter, hugs, and joy. A day filled with special memories I will have from now on.

Not only was I beyond grateful to have such amazing people as part of MyQ2Life, but I was so extremely grateful to have been part of the celebration. It meant the world to me to be there with these guys to share in such a special day.

So…Calm down, party animal?

Nah!…Missing out on all the fun is highly overrated. I’m going to choose to CELEBRATE!

You got this!


P.S. What will you choose to celebrate today? Celebrating doesn’t have to be in a big group to be powerful. Who can you share something amazing with today? And don’t over think it, celebrating the simple things in life can have huge value. 7 Days 7 Smiles was designed for just that reason…noticing the little things. If you’re not sure what to share, jump on over the to 7 Days 7 Smiles page and I’ll go first. We can celebrate together 🙂



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